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Military Discount Bail Bonds

Updated: Dec 6, 2021


If you are an active or retired military member and require a bail bond, you’re in luck. TMZ Bail Bonds is currently offering up to 30 percent discount on all bail bonds for both you or members of your family. Get flexible payment plans and expert assistance throughout the application and submission process.

How Bail Bonds Work

Law enforcement officials may arrest you for many reasons. Sufficient causes for apprehending you include:

  • Larceny – when you remove or take somebody else’s property without their permission

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) – where the arresting officer believes that you may be over the limit for alcohol in your system while driving a motor vehicle, or under the influence of another illicit substance

  • Disorderly conduct – such as disturbing the peace or loitering in restricted areas

  • Drug abuse – where the arresting officer believes that you may have taken substances that are illegal in the state of California

  • Vandalism – which includes damage to somebody else’s property

  • Counterfeiting – illegally copying money

  • Domestic violence – accusations by a spouse, partner or child that you inflicted bodily harm

In most cases, law enforcement officials will take you to a detention center and keep you in custody until your court date. They do this to prevent you skipping your court appearance or attempting to flee the country, whether you are guilty of a crime or not.

Asking people to remain in a holding cell for many weeks or months until their court appearance isn’t ideal. Most individuals have families to take care of and jobs to go to. They need to continue earning money.

For this reason, law enforcement officers or the court clerk will permit you to pay a bail bond to get out of jail (as long as the suspected crime is not too serious). A bail bond is a deposit you pay to law enforcement agencies as a form of security. Officials keep it until the date of your trial. Then, once you show up in court, they then refund it to you.

If you don’t attend at the designated time and date, you forfeit the bond and the court may issue a warrant for your arrest.

The Challenges Of Paying Bail Bonds By Yourself

Unfortunately, paying a bail bond in full isn’t always easy. Depending on the crime, arresting agents may ask you to pay deposits in excess of $50,000 – cash sums that you may not have to hand.

What’s more, police may confiscate money for “evidence collection” purposes, making it significantly more difficult for you to meet the requirements. Some agencies will even insist that you pay with cash and may charge high fees for other methods, such as bank transfer or card.

TMZ Can Help Military Personnel With Discounted Bail Bonds

Fortunately, TMZ can help. We provide law enforcement agencies with the bonds they require upfront, giving you back your freedom.

The way we work is simple. First, you tell us that you require a bail bond and the amount set by the arresting agency. After a short application process, we then provide the money to the appropriate parties, bailing you out of jail. In return, you provide us with a small fee (typically a percentage of the bond amount) and then promise to show up at court on the requested dates. Provided that you attend, the court then issues us a full refund, bypassing the need for you to produce a large amount of cash on the spot.

The Benefits Of A Bail Bond Service

There are so many benefits of using a bail bond service like TMZ, particularly for active and former military personnel.

For starters, you’re able to continue earning money for you and your family (something that you can’t do if you’re stuck in a police jail cell). You can also take care of your children who might be home alone without anyone else to look after them.

Furthermore, you avoid having to wait in a holding cell for your trial appearance. Unlike non-bail suspects, you don’t have to wait weeks or months for a court date. Instead, you can use the time to get on with your life.

Make TMZ Bail Bonds Your Bail Bondsman

Many military personnel accused of crimes and currently in jail use TMZ as their bail bondsman. We offer a high level of service that you simply won’t find elsewhere. We can help you, no matter what your background or predicament.

Female owned and operated

Contrary to the majority of bail bondsmen, we’re female owned and operated. This allows us to offer a unique and compassionate service. We fully understand the difficulties that you’re going through and use a courteous, respectful approach to help you regain your freedom. We don’t want you to spend a minute longer in jail than necessary.

Fast, Easy Payment Plans

Our service massively reduces the cost of paying for your bond. What’s more, we offer fast, easy payment plans. Speak to us about your financial circumstances, and we can develop a schedule that is both fair and reasonable.

Bail Over The Phone Or Online

We assist you in every step of the process and offer both online and phone support. Digitally sign documents and get guidance from staff on how to fill out forms over the phone.

Multilingual Assistance

We speak multiple languages – great if you’re Spanish-speaking or hail from another part of the world.

California-wide Bail Bond Service Available

We cover the whole of California so no matter where you are right now, we can help. Just get on the phone or contact us via our website. It’s that simple!

Get Up To 30 Percent Off Military Bail Bonds

If you’d like to take advantage of our incredible offer to get 30 percent off military bail bonds, contact our team today. With us, you get the helping hand that you need.

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