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Law Enforcement Discount on Bail Bonds

Updated: Dec 6, 2021


TMZ Bail Bonds is currently offering up to 30 percent discount on all bail bonds in California for active or retired law enforcement members and their families. If an arresting agent apprehends you and takes you to jail, awaiting trial, these discounts make your bail bond even more affordable.

How Bail Bonds Work

For most suspected crimes, police and other law enforcement agents will take you to a holding cell where you will await trial. On some occasions (depending on the severity of the crime you’re accused of committing), you will have the option of paying a bail bond to remain free until the date of your court appearance.

A bail bond is a tool that law enforcement uses to ensure that you appear at your court hearing. You pay the bail bond up front and then the arresting agency or court keeps it until the date of your trial. When you show up at the court, officials refund the bail bond in full to you. If you do not attend the court on the requested dates, then you forfeit your bail bond and you will not receive the money.

For this reason, a bail bond is a surety bond. It is a deposit that the court uses to improve the likelihood that you’ll show up for your trial. If you make an appearance when requested, you’ll get the bail bond back in full. If you do not, then the court will keep it.

Challenges In Paying Bail Bonds

In theory, the paying of a bail bond sounds like it should be simple for law enforcement personnel. However, that is rarely the case. You are likely to encounter difficulties along the way.

Firstly, bail bonds are typically large sums of money that you may not have available in cash. For example, the court clerk may set a bail bond amount of $75,000 which you may not have in liquid assets at the time of your arrest.

Law enforcement officials may also confiscate large sums of cash in your home or car upon arrest and keep it as evidence for the court. Again, because of this, you may not have the money you need to make the required payments.

Lastly, the agents may insist that you pay by cash. If you attempt to pay by credit or debit card, they may also charge high fees, again, making it challenging to pay the bail bond.

How TMZ Bail Bonds Can Help

If you cannot afford to pay the bond yourself (and nobody you know is willing to pay it on your behalf), a bail bondsman can assist. TMZ provides the requested bail bond amount on your behalf, asking you for a small fee in return (usually a portion of the bond amount). Then, when you show up to court on the requested court date, TMZ receives a refund from the court, sidestepping the need for you to pay the bond upfront yourself.

The relationship works on the basis of trust. TMZ bails you out of the holding cell and, in return for a small fee and a court appearance, you can get on with your life until the court date.

Many people prefer getting a bail bondsman to bail them out of jail. If we approve your application, it means that you do not have to call on family and friends for money if you do not have cash to bail yourself out. Instead, you can simply go discreetly to a third-party for assistance.

Bail bonds also allow you to get on with your life while you wait for the court date. It can take many weeks or months for a hearing, and so bail bonds are essential. You may, for instance, want to look after children or continue working while you await your court appearance. If you don’t have a bail bond, you can’t do that.

Why Choose TMZ Bail Bonds?

While there are many bail bondsmen out there, there are so many reasons to choose TMZ.

Female Owned and Operated

Unlike the vast majority of bail bondsmen out there, we’re female owned and operated. This setup means that we can offer you a unique and caring process that’s so much better than the alternatives. We understand that this is a challenging time in your life and our priority is to get you out of jail and back to living. Our staff are friendly, informative and can help you chart a course out of your current custody situation.

Fast, Easy Payment Plans

The bail bonding process shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we offer fast and easy payment plants for all our customers. Currently, we’re offering up to 30 percent off for law enforcement personnel (both active and retired), making our services even more affordable.

Bail Online Or Over The Phone

Our customers can either call us to get the bail bond they need or apply for one online using our simple process. Just complete all the digital paperwork with the assistance of a team member and then get the bail you need. It’s that simple. Our technology, such as electronic posting and “digi-sign,” means that you can avoid getting your bail “the hard way.”

Multilingual Staff

Even if you don’t speak English, our staff can help. We’re multi-lingual, meaning that we can assist you with your bail bond application every step of the way. We’re here to help give you back your freedom until your court date.

Bail Bonds Services Available to All of California

Lastly, whether you’re in Sacramento or San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego, we’re here to help. Our services are available all across California.

Get Up To 30 Percent Discount On Law Enforcement Bail Bonds

So what are you waiting for? If you’d like to benefit from massive discounts on your bail bonds, get in touch with TMZ today. We’d love to help

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