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DUI Bail Bonds Southern California

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

During the arrest of a driving under the influence offence, the officer usally takes the suspect to jail. In most DUI cases, the suspect then is told the amount of bail that is due for the nor incarcerated inmate to be released. The ammount of bail depends in big part on the county, and severity of the crime.

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The Bail amount can then be posted by either paying the entire amount in cash to the court clerk, or to the arresting agency. Then after the case ends, if the defendent makes all his/hers court dates, the money is refuneded in full.

If the suspect doesn't go to his court dates; FTA, the money is then forfeited and the court keeps the entire ammount of bail put up.

(Learn more about this process here..)

Luckily this isn't the case every time. In most cases, instead of pauing cash. Clients and family members chose a trusted, and highly rated bail bondsmen like TMZ Bail Bonds in Calabasas, Lost Hills, Manahaten Beach, Cerritos, and much of Southern California Coastline.

Through a service like TMZ bail bonds, the bonds(wo)men puts up the entire cash bail amount to the court, posts a bond with the jailer, and the inmate is then immidiently released.

Through a Bail Bonds a family member pays only a fraction (Normally 1% Bail Bonds to 10% Bail Bonds) at a non-refundable premium, while still being held accountable with the state to show back to his/hers court date.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for drunk driving, immediately contact a criminal defense attorney who specifically handles DUI cases. It is always best to get legal advice as early as possible in the case to ensure all your rights are protected.

Need a DUI Bail Bonds?

Call the Women-Led team at TMZ Bail Bonds now!


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