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Tmz Fullerton

Bail Bonds

Fullerton Bail Bonds

Tmz Calabasas Bail Bonds is a Bail Agent Location in the heart of Calabasas that services Lost Hills Police Station, Calabasas Police Station , and all neighboring jails. 

Call Us 24 Hours a day for our profession Legal Service, Inmate Lookup, and Bail Posting!




Tmz Calabasas Bail Bonds offers Legal Services and Bail Bonds

20 miles surrounding our location at:

26565 West Agoura Rd, Suite 200 - #153 Calabasas, CA 91302


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Don't Use A Traditional Bonding Company in Fullerton, Ca!

"it's the Tech that makes it happen..."

TMZ Fullerton Bail Bonds is a unique 21rst Century Bonding Company that utilizes services like Uber,  Digital-Sign, and Social Media Verification to provide a one of a kind Bail Bonding Process. TMZ Fullerton Bail Bonds located in Fullerton, Ca doesn't work like any other bonding agency.

Typical Bond Companies can take up to 5Hrs to even begin to post your jail bond. It can be a slow, and often misleading process. The traditional method of a bonding company in Fullerton is to

  1. Contact inmates Co-Signer, and schedule a meeting (1-2Hrs)

  2. Meet with Co-Signer for documentation, signature, and payment (2-4Hrs)

  3. Bonding Company will now drive to Jail Location and post a Jail Bond (0-3Hrs)

  4. Jail will now Process the Bond, Verify warrants, and release inmate. (TOTAL 4-16Hrs)

The New* Fullerton Bonding Company Way! 

Digital Document in Seconds! 

In Fullerton, you can count on the Women-Led team of TMZ Bail Bonds to

  • Locate an Inmate

  • Complete 100% Of the Paperwork

  • Post the Jail Bond

  • Have Inmate Released

All Within Minutes... 🕒

Need FREE Bail Bonds information for Fullerton, Ca? 


11:30 am

Getting a ride out of Malibu, Calabasas, Manhattan Beach, or any Los Angles Jail will be a breeze with our free UBER ride. 

Do you have a loved one in need of a bail bonding service? Our office is located off the Ventura Freeway, in Calabasas. There is no need to visit the address, you can give us a call toll-free 24hrs a day

Need information on bail rates?

ZERO down bail bonds in Calabasas

One Percent Bail Bonds in Calabasas

Get the Bail Schedule In Calabasas Here


Bail Rates are decided by our legislative body when they pass laws, currently, laws like SB10 seek to eliminate fair bail bonds rates or the previous legalization by the same body gave counties the ability to raise them. To counter this extremely open-ended way of deciding what an inmates freedom should cost. The bail agents and professional legal service providers of the Bail Bondmen industry offer cost-effective solutions like payment plans, zero down bail bonds, and even rates as low as 1%. 

SB10 is dangerous to our society and eliminates your very ability to a fair and unbiased pre-trail release. Here at TMZ Calabasas Bail Bonds, highly rated bail bonds service in the heart of Los Angeles Beach Cities, we respect your constitutional rights and aim to protect it with our business practices daily. 


To learn more about California Bail Reform Betrayal, read out the blog here: 

California Calabasas Bail Reform 



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Tmz Calabasas Bail Bonds

26565 West Agoura Rd, Suite 200 - #153 Calabasas, CA 91302

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